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Author Juliette Douglas is in the Spotlight!

Author Juliette Douglas invites you into her world of western adventure, humor and down right hilarious antics of her characters. 
She is also an Laramie Award winner.

Juliette lives in Kentucky, works with boats and loves animals. She recently took in some orphaned possums. 
What a card this lady is, she laughs, comes up with the funniest puns for western life you ever heard, it comes out in her writing. She attends all kinds of events, signing her books and shakin hands. If you would like to check out her calendar and meet her please visit her website at

The Freckled Venom Series featuring: 


Bounty hunting is a lonely trail especially for a girl...well, really a woman. 
What secrets and demons keep this freckled, striking copperhead on the move riding a big grey mare as her only friend and companion?

Never in his born days had Rawley Lovett run into such a persnickety cuss as that Lacy Watson. She was a fast with her fists as she was with her pistol. But Rawley knew she hid dark secrets. What happens when bullets, dust and words begin to fly?

Copperhead Strikes: 

Lacy faces her demons head on...
The vivid cast of characters return along with some
new faces in this spell-binding sequel.

What demons will rise from her past life and bounty hunting days, 
forcing Lacy to strike back often? 
Will her past force her to leave the little community 
of White River, forever riding the range 
with a big grey mare as her only friend and companion once again? 
Or will Lacy find the love and home she thought she could never have?


More excitement then a passel of skunks nesting under your bed...Juliette Douglas and the folks of White River, Wyoming are back to entertain you once again with her third installment in the Freckled Venom series: Freckled Venom Skeletons.

Big Joe Kannon had a bone stuck in his craw and he was bound and determined to get even with that redheaded bounty hunter and her lawman husband. In cahoots with Del Rio, a human slave trafficker in Mexico, Kannon was on the hunt to deliver fresh new trinkets to Del Rio. Fourteen kids vanish from White River’s schoolhouse, including Hanah and Cotton Lovett. 

And the chase is on...

Will a determined bunch of kids become more trouble then a pound of pennies for Kannon? 

Will Rawley and Lacy find the kids in time? Or will they be lost forever? 

Receiving high acclaim for her western novels, author Juliette Douglas invites you to pick up the others in the Freckled Venom Series: Freckled Venom Copperhead, and Freckled Venom Copperhead Strikes. 

Saddle Up...Let’s Ride!

Perfume, Powder & Lead: Holy Sisters:

Something caught the corner of Daisy’s eye. She glanced toward it. Speaking softly she warned, “We got riders a’comin’.” Kip and Mitch looked over their shoulder at her and Hop Sing, then toward their left spotting the two on horseback riding closer. Recognizing the men, the two on the seat muttered expletives. “Crap…I knowed we shoulda kilt them back yonder…” Mitch grumbled. “We can’t out run ‘em…might as will sit and wait,” Kip said tugging gently on the reins bringing the chestnut to a stop and watching the men draw closer. “Got their rifles out.” “Those the ones…beat me…” Hop Sing added. “Daisy…pass us our guns.” “Are they loaded?” “Sheesh…hain’t ya ever heerd…never holster an empty gun? Yes…they’re loaded.” Daisy shrugged off the snippy comment from Kip and pulled two pistols out of the gun belts and passed them through the open slats of the seat back. Kip and Mitch tucked them up against their thighs and waited. Picking up a pistol, Daisy held it in her hands while she and Hop Sing also waited. Six people sat there eyeballing each other. A low breeze fluttered tendrils of loose hair around the girls’ faces. Daisy blew away a stray wisp from her mouth. The horses stamped impatiently, swishing agitated tails at flies settling on their backs from standing still. Kip broke the silence first. “Well…boys…” she intoned sarcastically. “I see ya found your horses.” Sliding her hand around the grip, Mitch’s finger slid into the trigger guard and rested against the half moon of cool metal. She noticed Kip did the same. Hop Sing whispered just loud enough for the three girls to hear. “Reward offered on them.” The girls jerked slightly hearing this bit of news. “How the hell you know that?” Mitch hissed out the corner of her mouth. “Saw posters…Rawlins.” “You can read English?” Daisy whispered. Shrugging, “Enough…” he replied. Sitting straighter in the saddle, his hand tightening around the stock of his rifle, Cleaver gazed spitefully at the foursome. “Peers ya found the Chink we left for dead…” “Peers too…you ain’t having such good luck here lately,” Kip taunted. “That’s about ta change,” Price threw out. “Really? You boys must be dumber ‘n stumps to try a’gin,” Kip retorted. “Thought you learnt your lesson back yonder.” Cleaver and Price shot a look at each other. “Naw…you wimen don’t scare us none…”

Stopping and reaching for the wall to her left, Daisy whispered, “There’s a lamp on the wall if we can find it…Mitch shut the door so they can’t see it from the outside.” Daisy’s hand continued to run lightly along the wall above her head searching for the lamp. “Don’t ya think we need to find some matches first?” Mitch retorted. “Ouch…” Daisy muttered. “What?” “Got a splinter,” replied Daisy trying to suck the piece of wood out of her finger. “The lamp’s right here,” Kip informed them. “Matches?” “Nope…Mitch go into the other room and see if you can find any…” Kip said. Rolling her eyes, Mitch muttered, “Next time we remember to bring matches,” turning and fumbling through the dark toward the lobby, her hands stretched before her. Palms pressed against the door framework, she peered through the blackness and tried to vision what was where when they had entered the bank in the daylight. “I should’a paid closer attention…” she mumbled. “Find the matches yet?” Came a loud whisper from Kip. “Hell…no…” “Well…hurry up…we ain’t got all night!” “Sheesh…I’m walking blind here and you want me to hurry up?” Daisy snickered. “I heard that…ya little pipsqueak,” Mitch griped. Shaking her head in aggravation, she moved forward gingerly. Something clattered followed by soft expletives. Another crash sounded and the air filled with the smell of coal oil. Kip whirled around and bumped into Daisy who fell on her butt with a thud and an oww… Not knowing where Daisy was, Kip stumbled over her lying on the floor tumbling head first in the darkness landing on top of Daisy. “Dammit…Kip! Watch what you’re doing! You kicked me in my ribs!” “Sheesh…can’t see a blasted thing!” Rising, she fumbled to find Daisy’s hand to help her to stand calling out to Mitch in the other room, “What the hell happened out there?” “I found them,” Mitch answered excitedly. She began making her way back to the tomb like hallway closing the door behind her. She struck the match against the wall and the phosphorous flared, illuminating three faces with grins plastered. She quickly moved to the lamp on the wall, lit the wick and the room brightened. Turning to her friends, “Now…let’s get this bank robbed!”

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Hang 'Em High, Check your six shooters at the door.

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