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Unrealized Potential, September 3, 2016
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This review is from: The Twins: A Psychological Thriller Book One (Kindle Edition)
Two young girls from Shreveport, LA have their lives shattered on the night of their thirteenth birthday, when they are forced to watch their parents be tortured and murdered in front of them and are then themselves brutally tortured. Anyone would find recovering from such an experience difficult, if not impossible, and the twins, Stacey and Jannifer, are no exception. Years after that horrific night, they embark on a killing spree through New York City and it’s up to Isis Williams, a jaded NYPD detective, to track down the killers. But Isis finds that sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted when her beloved niece gets tangled up in the crime. Will she be able to find the evidence she needs to bring the twins to justice before her niece is convicted of a crime she didn’t commit? You’ll have to read to find out.
I wanted to like this book. I heard the author talking on a radio show about this novel and based on his description I couldn’t wait to read it. The premise is interesting, which is why I gave it three stars, but the execution is severely lacking. First, there are quite a few typos and some incorrect word usage. But that could be fixed by a good proofreader, and so isn’t that big a deal. What really disappointed me about this book was an endless stream of stereotypes and cliches. Just when I thought a character might turn out to be interesting, someone I’d like to get to know better, the author would insert some stereotype and I’d be rolling my eyes again. I still think this book has the potential to be amazing, but the author would have to do a bit more research and give his characters some individuality, rather than relying on tired formulas for a “type” of person.


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