Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Character Conversation from Stark Shadows Kira and Holt

Kira’s eyes flew open. She sucked in air with the vigor of a baby taking the first breath of life. Panting she tried to focus and scan the room. Light hit her eyes like daggers and she immediately closed them again wincing.  The pain in her head came flooding back and she struggled not to vomit.
“Kira! Thank God you’re awake.”  Holt’s voice jolted her.  “You are in the hospital.  I’ll call the nurse. Don’t panic you are ok.” She could hear him pressing buttons and speaking entirely too loudly to the nurse over the intercom. Holt? What’s he doing here? Was he? Did he? Kira couldn’t bear to think it. She didn’t know what to think. All she knew was that she had to get out of here. She struggled to sit up but the pain in her head felt like being wailed with a sledge hammer and she collapsed back into the pillow. “Woah Kira, seriously. You have a concussion.  It looked like you fell in your shower and hit your head. Please I have to insist that you lay down.”  His voice took on the authority of a physician with his patient.  What the Hell? “How did I get here?”  Her own voice sounded weak and far away.  Her mouth was dry as the Sahara. Kira couldn’t quite wrap her head around what he was saying. The hospital? What did Holt have to do with all this? “I found you and called an ambulance.” Holt began to explain."


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