Friday, February 17, 2017


"Grace and Vincent grabbed Claire before she hit the floor. Everything had been fine until she had stepped acrosspizap.com14868499087851.jpg the threshold of the house. Before her foot hit the floor, Claire began screaming and did not stop until she passed out. "I warned you," Grace told Quince, who came to assist them. "Take her upstairs please." “Are you sure she will be alright up there?” Quince asked. “We can only hope. That was the worst I've ever seen. Now that she's inside the house, hopefully she will be able to handle it. Just in case, we'll keep an eye on her. What other choice do we have?” Grace asked looking at the storm brewing outside. Vincent and Quince carried Claire upstairs. Ethan still sat on the sofa, a stunned look on his face. "That was crazy. She's crazy," Ethan stared straight ahead, still shocked. "Don't ever say that again. You don't know what she saw or felt. Consider your self lucky," Grace tried to get control of her outrage. Ethan was a friend, a part of their crew. She could not tolerate anyone inside their own circle to bash Claire right now. She needed them, all of them. It would kill Claire if she had heard those cruel words coming out of Ethan's mouth. Ethan still sat on the sofa stunned. "If that is how you feel, then stay down here," Grace said as she mounted the stairs. "By myself…?" Ethan cried out, "Not on your life, sister." "I thought you said she was crazy?" Grace raced up the stairs trying to leave Ethan behind, alone. "Yeah, but I'm not stupid," Ethan bolted up the stairs close be-hind her. ~"

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