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House on Butcher Harbor, September 15, 2011
This review is from: House On Butcher Harbor (Kindle Edition)
“House on Butcher Harbor” is a ghost story written by Lisa Moon and Ron Chappel. The story takes place in a Northeast coastal town at the beginning of tourist season. Templeton House, at the far end of the peninsula, is haunted by ghosts and also by truths left untold.
The protagonist, Claire, grew up in the house and returns to face her mother and old fears about the house. Claire is a fun heroine because she cannot grocery shop, forgets to shower, and is dependent on others to keep the details of her life together. Her possible new love interest, Dogg, has a funny name when coupled with his occupation. Both of the characters lend humor to the story when it becomes too tense. Her old boyfriend has something he wants her to remember. The characters are well-drawn, especially since they have foibles. Claire develops an enviable skill when it comes to living safely in a haunted house.
At least two excellent writing skills stand out in this book. The first skill is a remarkable way of talking about the sea, which plays a central role in the story. Secondly, there is much good to be said for the mysteries of the story and how they are timed. As one mystery is solved, another mystery moves to the foreground, leapfrogging along at a good pace, making the story mysterious right to the end.


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