Friday, February 24, 2017

An excerpt from “Dead Comic Standing” by Karen Vaughan

Shelley was sitting at one of the side tables reading the newspaper when she came across the article involving the young comics’ tragic murder the night before. Jeff came over with a coke and a bottle of water for Shelley.
“Thanks for the water. This is just awful, she said pointing at the paper. I knew him. We auditioned together for a job at the Shak. He got it, and I came over here.
” I’m glad they took him over you.”
“You are?” Shelley replied.
“Yep, I think I got the better comic.”
“Really, that’s sweet.
“Don’t let it go to your head sweet cheeks. I don’t need a Diva on my hands. Next thing you’ll want is a private masseuse and champagne in your dressing room.”
Shelley elbowed him. “You can do that? She joked.
Jeff winked at her. “Why do you think I can pay you so well?”
Shelley cupped her chin in her hands and looked at him. “Why?”
“Three reasons; One: No Perks. Two: The staff would think I was ‘doing’ you, and Three: Phil would think I was doing you and want the same thing. Honey, this mans door don’t swing that way.”
At this point, Phil walked by and cuffed Jeff upside the head. “Amen to that you perverted A-hole.” Phil returned to the table, hopped up on the stool and joined them.
This brought uproarious laughter from Shelley.
However, the three sobered up quickly and once again thought of Dave Feener, who would never get the chance to laugh again or make anyone else laugh for that matter. Still, sucks about the young guy. Jeff mentioned.
“Yeah, said Phil. My brother’s precinct caught this one. Vince said it was ugly.
He told me they found a program for The Shak, by the body.”
This is gonna mean bad business for poor Ron. If word gets out a killer saw Dave perform there, follow him out and take him down, no one is going to want to work there.
“Quit the fear mongering Phil.” Jeff nodded toward Shelley.
Shelley caught it.
“What are you idiots talking about? She said pointing at the paper. This was just a random act. I am not going to let this scare me.”
“It very well might be Shell, but we can’t be sure. In the meantime, I think I should drive you home tonight.”
“It’s not necessary, I can handle myself. I will let you guys walk me to my car though and then walk each other back in here.
Jeff sighed. “Is that your final answer?”
“Yes, now, you Mr. Boss man get your ass on stage and introduce the hottest female act in Metro.”



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