Friday, February 17, 2017


4-enforcer-ront   Jax “I'm going to need someone full time if I keep getting pulled into Ops.” He looks at me for a couple of seconds. “Are you looking to go back on Ops full time?” Am I? I think about Sheila and Stella. I like how things are working right now. “Not yet.” He nods smiling. Jessie, Eliza, Dakota, Sheila and Taylor come in. Sheila slides a grinder toward me. “Thanks, Bella.” I know it's an Italian. She laughs. “No fuckin’ way.” I eat while Prez gives us our jobs and we go over the maps and movements of each team. Looks easy enough. We get our guns and ammo and I kiss my girl before we get our helmets on. “Why isn't Eliza running?” She waves her hand. “She got shot earlier and Prez sidelined her.” She's not happy with this. “She got shot earlier.” I need to make sure I heard her right, it was an offhanded comment. She looks at me. “Yeah flesh. Pussy shot through the door.” “Where were you?” “Shooting the pussy.” She puts her helmet on and starts her bike. I shake my head. They've been running all day and she's already killed a man. She went to eat and came back like it's an ordinary day and her partner gets shot. I fuckin’ love her. Eliza asks for check-in and we all respond. The whole way there I'm thinking about Sheila and how this all happened. She's a Brother through and through, but her sweet is so fuckin’ deep. It takes less than an hour to get the house clear of people then Dakota blows it up. Fire has been hosing the grass and trees the whole time. We're called back to Security and told to go to the Club. I look at Sheila not sure what to do. “Jess has her.” I nod as we pick up our clean guns. I guess we're going to the Club. I can't get the thought out of my head. I've never felt this way and Patches' lists don't cover talking to your woman unless you’re in bed. I hold her hand walking in the Club. She asks if I'm okay and I smile at her wondering if I am. Dakota laughs behind me. “He is wondering if you are all in too.” My head snaps around. I can't believe he just fuckin’ said that. She squeezes my hand and I look at her. “Yes.” She pulls me through the door and Dakota laughs. Holy shit! “Wait!” I stop her and wait for the fuckin’ nosy bastard to walk by. He laughs slapping my shoulder. “Yes you're all in? I'm trying to figure out what the fuck I'm feeling and you're all in?” She looks at me and I think she's going to hit me. “If it's a fuckin’ problem for you either get over it or walk away.” She turns, but I don't let her go. I lean down. “It's not every fuckin’ day I'm hit with this. I love you are not words I say. Give me a fuckin’ minute to get it and we're good. Throwing bitch at me isn't the way to handle this and you are not walking the fuck away. All in means you find the common ground and deal.

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