Friday, February 17, 2017



"The NUGs filed into the room one by one. Each one had the same nervous, guarded face and loud cocky attitude to cover his anxiety, brown shirt, ACU, and boots. She was assigned to a pod in the clinic where she would perform physicals on new, deploying, and returning soldiers. The duty was bottom of the barrel for assignments but it was good to be in the clinic. She was new and this was her first actual assignment. She wanted to do a good job in everything they gave her, not just to pay back her tuition, but for her dad’s sake. Kira briefly wondered if he would be proud of what she was trying to do. She went through her morning processing one soldier after another. Her mind kept returning to the sexy soldier from this morning. Getting lost in those eyes was like drifting away in the Aegean Sea. There was an intensity and fierceness in his face but a gentleness in his strong hands. Oh and that voice, so soft and husky. Get a hold of yourself! She snapped back to reality, realizing she had just poured coffee all over the counter. “Are you OK?” Abbey, her charge nurse, asked. Abbey was a stout woman of about forty. She was the head nurse of that part of the clinic and she ran a tight command. “You’ve been a little off all morning.” Thankfully Abbey had taken her under her wing when Kira had first arrived on base. Abbey had proven to be not only a valuable guide but also a friend. “I’m fine. I took a little tumble this morning. Not a big deal,” Kira said, smiling. She rubbed her still aching head and tried to look confident. “Sounds like you should see a doctor,” Abbey joked and added, “Dr. Riley, they added a last minute physical to your schedule this morning. They called from Personnel and wanted it done today. He’s just back in country, something about the medical officer being out….” Abbey was still talking but she suddenly sounded miles away. A semi-hush fell over the waiting area. The NUGs appeared almost reverent as a man walked in. Their eyes met. Kira felt at once nauseous and excited. An unfamiliar burning inside her caused her breath to catch in her lungs. He casually walked to the reception desk, never taking his viridian eyes off her. “Sergeant Stark reporting for a post-mission physical,” he said to the clerk. That voice again. She could feel it all over her. Her skin tingled where he had touched her."

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