Monday, February 20, 2017


Taylor Blackhawk has been home for two years. For two years he’s fought the demons that followed him. Until now he could do it alone. Something set a trigger that has his nights of hell running wild and disrupting his already turbulent sleep. PTSD is getting the best of Taylor but not for long because in Brotherhood you are never alone. His Brothers stand up and fight with him and for him. Badass doesn’t just run deep in the Princes, it holds on too. The war Taylor wages while he's winning his old lady isn't the typical one the Brothers are accustomed to - it's an internal battle - and he soon finds out that not only is Beth "all in" but his Brothers are as well.
*Content Warning: includes graphic language and sex. Intended for mature audiences 18+ **PTSD episodes in detail and rape triggers

Book blurb snippet:
I crawl to the bed and pull myself up. “Breathe Brother.” My shaky arms get me back on the bed. “They aren’t here. They’re all dead.” I flip the light on. I should keep it on. I think the same fuckin’ thing every time. “They’re dead.” I sit for-fuckin’-ever waiting for my body to get it while absently rubbing the barrel of my gun on my head. They aren’t here, they’re dead. Why is that so fuckin’ hard? I drop the gun on the bed disgusted with myself for even having it. The only one I’d be able to hit is me. There are times that are worse than this and I want to do just that. Mucimi pops in my head and I groan. Not tonight little man. I got this tonight. When I think I can hold it, I grab the bottle of Jack and swallow a mouthful. When the fuck does it end?


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