Monday, February 20, 2017

Blood Hearts by Paul Nosach~~Book 1 of the HEARTS SERIES

Mr. & Mrs. Masters blessed with a baby boy naming him Sebastian. His sister Ashley, puts on a show letting her parents know she is happy to have a little brother. Meanwhile, even in the hospital, Ashley Masters despises her little brother in every way possible, thinking he is a nuisance. 
While Sebastian grows up under his parents’ roof, loved by his parents Rachel and Michael, he looks towards his sister for help and is in awe of what she does. 
Sebastian Masters regards his older sister as an icon in the medical field just like his mother. Now Sebastian has a strong notion of what he wants to become, but soon Sebastian realizes that following in his sister’s footsteps comes with a higher cost.
#PARANORMAL #FICTION                                                                                                                              #PAULNOSACH

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