Friday, February 17, 2017



"Abby shook her head and began walking toward the park that would take her home. Bed was definitely what she needed. As Abby entered the park she shivered with a sense of foreboding. The place was completely deserted – the cool winter air and late hour keeping even the most avid nature buffs from venturing out. She pulled her sweater tightly around herself and shivered – knowing that it was from more than just the night air. What had she been thinking! She should have just called a cab to take her home, just this once. It wasn’t that far of a walk - but after the night she had just had, walking alone at midnight was not the smartest thing she had ever done. She took a deep, steadying breath and walked on, “knock it off scardey-cat,” she whispered to herself – but the loud beating of her heart didn’t seem to listen. As she headed up the path that would take her to her tiny one bedroom apartment, she saw a shadow dart behind a tree and gasped. “Imagination Abby,” she murmured, desperately trying to slow down the rapid pounding in her chest- but a moment later another shadow darted across the path and the guy from the bar stepped out from seemingly nowhere and stood in front of her, his mouth set in a triumphant grin and his eyes gleaming with nothing less than pure malice. “There you are, my lovely,” he hissed, taking a step forward and blocking her path. “You left before we could get properly acquainted.” Abby swallowed the lump forming in her throat and the panic running through her entire body, and jutted out her chin - summoning up every ounce of courage that she possessed. “Get out of my way,” she said, with much more force than she actually felt. In fact, what she was actually feeling was extreme terror. There was just something so off with this guy, that it had Abby’s knee’s knocking together - and every single thing that she had learned from the few self-defense classes that she had taken to go flying out the window. He just laughed and took a step closer to her. She could smell his fetid breath, and the distinct aroma of rotten eggs. She bit back the bile that rose in her throat and took a deep breath through her mouth, her eyes watering from the stench. Holy Hell, didn’t this creep ever hear of taking a shower? “Oh, I don’t think so, my lovely,” he whispered, lifting his hand to show her the long knife he held; and Abby’s heart stopped. “You and I have some business to attend to.”"


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