Thursday, February 23, 2017

“Marcus”(The M Series, Book Three) by Ryanne Anthony is 99c/99p

TEASER Marcus E.jpgMariah Hollander was the last to know that Dr. Marcus Alexander and Marcus Cannon, was the same man.Marcus Cannon was rich, handsome and exceedingly stubborn… and convinced himself that marriage and children were not for him.
Dr. Marcus Alexander was Calabasas Memorial Hospital’s Chief Pediatrician and Head of Pediatrics at The Harvey-Reed-Cannon Medical Group.
Marcus first spotted Mariah Hollander walking into HRC with her sister and one look at her melts all the anger and fear that’s iced over his heart, making him question his decisions about life and family.
Neglecting to tell Mariah, she found out elsewhere, and Marcus had to fight to re-earn the trust of his new found love; losing her was not an option.
This is Marcus’ view of him and Mariah’s first encounter and ultimate courtship… as well his eidetic recollection of the events that almost took her away from him forever.

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