Monday, February 20, 2017


After the storm subsides and the ominous clouds
lingering over the small city of Ashton Brook
pulls back, the residents are left with two 
unexplained occurrences.
One involving a prominent medical 
professional and the other regarding his 
well known, high school aged son. 
Neither of which can provide answers.
Bryce Marshall… helpless and disoriented, 
his only salvation is the truth he has harbored 
for so long. He finally realizes he must give a 
little to get everything back…
Aubrie Marshall is on the verge of destruction…
All he’s ever known altered and left in turmoil…
Confused, full of hatred, and despising one man…
All he wants is answers and his life back…
Will they gain peace within their lives once more or 
be consumed by the chaos surrounding them?

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