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THERE’S NOTHING FRAGILE ABOUT THIS REVIEW february 14, 2017 by karenwritesmurder, posted in uncategorized

Fragile Brilliance: A Ronan McCullough Novel, February 9, 2017
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This review is from: Fragile Brilliance: A Ronan Mccullough Novel (Kindle Edition)
Fragile Brilliance by Eliot Parker is a crime thriller that hooks the reader immediately while shedding light on the methods that crime organizations use to market highly addictive drugs in unsuspecting cities. Ronan McCullough and his lover Ty wake up to a cozy morning just like any other in Charleston, WV. Ronan prepares for his day on the streets as a police Sergeant and Ty gets ready to begin his shift at the hospital as an emergency room nurse. Little do they know that their world is about to be rocked to the core. Ronan runs to the aid of a young man who is out numbered in a street brawl and wakes up to find himself in the hospital being nursed by Ty. Follow all the dead bodies as Ronan tries, against seemingly unsurmountable odds, to rid the streets of his city of the latest addictive and deadly drug krok, so named for what it does to the body. Each new piece of information steadily connects the dots until a bigger picture comes into view. Get ready to experience deadly drug dealers; a homosexual romance; police brotherhood; and how one man’s determination can stop even the most determined criminals. This book gripped me right from the beginning with a lot of action and a steady supply of bad guys obsessed by greed. Ronan does seem to fly off the handle quite a bit resulting in some life threatening situations, but I did admire his spunk and I did find myself rooting for him despite his character flaws. I also like the solid relationship that he and Ty worked so hard to maintain, and I need to mention that if you cannot look past their homosexual relationship, then this may not be the book for you. There are twists and turns and ever changing family dynamics that prove how forgiveness is available to everyone, providing a ray of hope for the dysfunction of today’s society. This book is a must read and I would definitely like to see more of Ronan.


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