Monday, March 6, 2017

CHECK OUTA Storm Within (Eternal Bonds Book 1) BY C. TUTTLE

This book is intended for mature teens and young adults. Strong language and minor sexual content. 

There's something dark lurking in the dreams of the students at Calvary High. 

AUBRIE MARSHALL thought his last year of High School would be filled with memories to last him a lifetime. Instead, he’s learning his friends are his only salvation, the decisions he has to make could destroy everything he’s ever known, and the only solution lies within him.

MAKAYLA QUINN just wanted to get through her senior year without ‘guy drama’ and to mend things with Aubrie, her best friend. Believing he was her soul mate she’s now put to the test by another love interest fighting for her attention. With the two boys confusing her every step of the way… 

Can she figure things out or will she lose them both? Will they be able to weather the storms or will they lose the battle with the darkness lurking from within?


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