Tuesday, March 7, 2017

If you love action, suspense & hot spec ops guys, you MUST meet Owen Stark

51DE4bJYp6L (1)Owen was to meet Kira at a fancy restaurant, but he stood her up after he was deployed suddenly. Paige is missing. Kira is sent to the Amazon to study the Zika virus but when she & fellow doctors find there may be something causing the virus to spread more than usual, they are shut down. And we're constantly finding new layers of Owen as we meet his buddies who help retrieve Paige. Then Owen has deployed again but this time to the Amazon. I was on the edge of my seat through this entire book -- and then it ended on a big old heart-wrenching cliff-hanger! Gah! I seriously had the worst book hangover after binge-reading Stark September & Stark Shadows, no other book would satisfy me. Bradley is a superb storyteller, her books could use better editing, but her characters & stories are off the charts. And can we talk about how delicious BT Urruela is on the cover?! He's the perfect Owen Stark! Can't wait for Stark Resolution later this month!


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