Tuesday, March 7, 2017


51kqz5ndvqlI have been waiting for a sequel to the Ninja Tattoo and finally, it is here. Like before, the author delivers not only bad ass male characters but introduces us to Nedeya, a friend of Teague’s who can go toe to toe with the bad guys. Nedeya is involved in a military conspiracy when she witnesses her fiance being killed. While on the run, she is framed for his murder and so she must go deep into hiding just to survive. Nedeya’s friend Aileen reaches out to Teague on her behalf but the only problem is, Aileen’s his ex! And let’s just say, that relationship didn’t end very well.
To make matters more complicated, Nedeya doesn’t want to be found. Covering her tracks well, Teague is forced to rely on the help of friends to assist on this mission impossible before it’s too late.
There are steamy scenes, action and even an explosion in this romance novel which is why it should be called a 21st-century romance. There are no damsels here, and no bodice ripping nonsense, just a story about friendship, love, and sacrifice. That’s why I gave Conduct Unbecoming 5 stars.


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