Monday, April 3, 2017

Can she keep from being taken by her family home?

There is a house on a peninsula that Claire Templeton associates with terror. She managed to escape once but has come back to see her sick mother. Can she escape again or will the house on butcher harbor claim her for good
Claire Templeton thought she had escaped the horror of life on Butcher Harbor after graduation from high school. Now an upcoming fashion designer in New York City, Claire has to put her bright future on hold and return to Butcher Harbor when her mother attempts to take her own life. Thrust back into the world she grew up in, her past catches up with her quicker than she hoped. As she expected, the ghosts of Templeton House have been waiting for her return, refusing to let her escape their grasp. Claire reluctantly returns to the Harbor, setting off a series of events that throw the town into turmoil and could possibly cost Claire her life.

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