Saturday, April 1, 2017

“I’ve had pain before, Ty, but nothing like this.”

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“Fragile Brilliance: A Ronan Mccullough Novel” by Eliot Parker and wanted to share this quote with you.
“Ty would be labeled “old money” by many on the Charleston police force, especially the uniforms and forensic techs who spent time combing through houses looking for evidence. But the money allowed Ty to complete college and nursing school at Marshall University with no student-loan debt and plenty of money to purchase a luxury townhome in the posh South Hills District of Charleston. None of that could ever be affordable on a nurse’s salary alone. Ronan staggered through the foyer and greeted Ty who was standing near the entryway. Stopping, he leaned against the archway and tried to catch his breath. As his breathing evened, he looked around the townhouse.
“I’ve got the couch ready for you with some blankets and pillows. We’ll go when you’re ready.” Ronan adored the kindness in Ty, which was equaled only by his stunning looks and tight physique.
“I’ve had pain before, Ty, but nothing like this.” He gave Ronan the once-over.
“Those muscles in your leg are torn. It will take some time for you to heal and regain your strength.” Leaning against the cane, Ronan draped an arm over Ty as they shuffled into the living room. Ty carefully helped Ronan down on the couch and then placed both legs over the cushions, tucking pillows under him and covering him with a blanket. He smiled sweetly at Ronan.
“There. Much better than the hospital, I bet.” Ronan reached out a hand and stroked Ty on the arm. The smoothness of the skin against his fingertips aroused Ronan. “Want something to eat? Betsy made some wonderful chicken salad after she cleaned the house today, and I can make you a sandwich if you’d like. I bet you’re starving. Hospital food sucks.”
“Actually, I’m not hungry. Just a drink is fine.” Ty disappeared into the kitchen, which was directly off the living room. While he began rummaging through the stainless-steel refrigerator, Ronan looked onto the loveseat next to the couch. Papers and folders were strewn all over it and across the floor, and a laptop computer sat on the edge of the end table. “That’s quite a mess you have here,” Ronan called out to Ty.
“I’m working on sponsors and sponsorship donation levels for the hospital. CMH wants to break ground on the new children’s pediatric ward in the spring, and my task force is responsible for fundraising. The Charleston State College has promised us an endowment, but we’ll have to name something in the new wing after them for it. The college is presenting us a check at halftime during the first football game against Southern Virginia.”
“Sounds exciting,” Ronan said as he wiggled on the couch, trying to find a comfortable position.
“Open your hand.” Ronan did as instructed, and Ty dropped several small pills into the deep, calloused ridges. “Take those.” Ronan stared at the pills, and then looked up at Ty for an explanation. “Pain meds and something to help you relax.”
“I’d rather have a beer,” Ronan replied, handing the pills back to Ty. Reluctantly, Ty went back into the kitchen and got Ronan his beer.”


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