Friday, April 21, 2017

Wow was not the word when we approached the buffet!

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Once we were all settled in our suite, we took one look at our king sized bed and decided it needed to be christened immediately. We set a record removing each other’s clothes but hey that’s part and parcel of being on vacation. It may even be construed as our second honeymoon so we acted on it. We must have romped for nearly two hours followed by a nap. I woke up with the sudden urge to hit the pristine pool and woke Gerry to join me. After cajoling him for what seemed like a half hour, he acquiesced and joined me poolside. After a refreshing swim, we bellied up to the bar for another drink. Soon we realized that happy hour was started back to the room to get dressed for that and the buffet. Our resort was all inclusive, so the drinks were free as well as our daily meals. I was dressed in an ankle-length orange and pink sheath and sandals with silver jewelry to match my hair was in a casual updo. My handsome hunk was wearing stone coloured cargos and a fashionable Hawaiian shirt. I wanted to take him back to bed, but my stomach was growling for Caribbean delicacies. Wow was not the word when we approached the buffet. Platters of jerk chicken, Steak, and peppers, curried goat and Jamaica’s signature dish ackee and salt fish which is basically cod. Along with that came fried plantain and rice with black-eyed peas. We sampled everything and commented on our favorites. Several other couples joined us at the round table. Most of them were newlyweds, but Sheila and Steve were older than us by about five years and were enjoying a holiday without the kids as their last son had just moved out for college. Donovan and Becky sat at the next table by themselves. Donovan was ranting about something already and Becky was attempting to mollify him. I hoped to heck it wasn’t their honeymoon as I don’t think Becky was getting her money’s worth.
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