Saturday, April 1, 2017

“You can’t escape me now girl.”

“Unlocked Doors: Featuring Raked, The Ride and Clown” by Jessie Bradford and wanted to share this quote with you.
“Parts were just starting but didn’t think that Kayla would mind her watching ahead. The man on the movie was hunched down awaiting his attack on the girl who was coming toward him. He waited for her to move closer, and just when he sprang into action and the girl in the movie screamed, Koddi jumped… but not at the sounds from the movie. She had leapt suddenly because something in the back bedroom, Kayla’s room, had made a noise.
“Stop.” She said, keeping her ears strained to listen. After a moment of not hearing anything, she began to relax a little. She sat back and got comfortable again. She felt better knowing that the couch was touching the wall, so that nothing could sneak up behind her. A noise from the back room sounded again, Koddi’s ears perked up and she tuned in listening carefully. She held her breath but heard nothing, ‘Hurry up Kayla!’ She thought before shaking her head. It must be Kayla and Brandon trying to scare her, ‘of course!’ They must have climbed into the window in Kayla’s room and were going to try and scare her; now that she knew their plan she decided that she would play along. Koddi got up, leaving the movie playing, creating background noise. She then moved down the hallway slowly, she tried not to make any noise as she made her way to the back bedroom. There wasn’t any light coming from inside the room, so she stuck her hand into it and felt at the wall for the light switch. She found it, flipped on the light and jumped into the room.
“Ah ha!” She yelled, looking around the empty space, she looked behind the door thinking that maybe they were there, but she was wrong. She went and looked under the bed, but again nothing. It was then that she glanced at the cracked closest door. ‘I see you now,’ she thought as she went over to it. Koddi opened the closest door expecting to see Brandon and Kayla, but instead she stood face-to-face with a man. Her mouth dropped open and her heart fell to her stomach, while her breath caught in her chest.
“Who…who are you?” She asked, terrified to find out the answer. The man smiled a crooked yellow smile, as he moved closer to her. Koddi was unable to move, paralyzed by the fear that was now surging through her body. She willed her legs to move but nothing happened. The man grabbed her then and pulled her toward him. Koddi tried to fight him off but his grip was too tight for her to pull away. The man caught her by the neck and pushed her toward the wall. He held her there by her neck, while her fingers clawed desperately at his arms to try and loosen his grip. He stood smiling at her as her eyes started to cloud over; he could tell that she was on the edge, so he loosened his grip letting her have more oxygen. Though, he wasn’t done playing with her just yet. Koddi sucked in as much air as her lungs could take, with tears streaming down her cheeks. She knew that she was as good as dead if she didn’t get away from him; her eyes scanned the room.
“TiskTiskTisk,” said the man watching her. “You can’t escape me now girl.” He said very slow and throaty. Koddi looked down as the light flashed against the cold, steel blade he now held in his hand. ‘Oh God!’ She thought, trying to wiggle away from the man’s grip, but it was already too late. The man sliced down the front of her chest and blood started flowing down the front of her, dripping onto the floor. The man applied more pressure, slicing her wide open from her neck to her pelvic bone; her insides hung outside of her body as she slumped down to the floor. The man cleaned his knife just as the door opened and he heard the other female’s voice. He took a step away from the dead girl’s body, careful not to step in the blood that now surrounded it. Kayla Kayla sat on Brandon’s bed, the cigarette was long gone but the conversation had been so good she completely lost track of time.
“Shit, Koddi is going to kill me!” Kayla said standing up. “I have to get back home before I completely piss her off.”


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