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Adam is distraught with his life and finds a way to deal with it

Paul blazing hearts
Chapter Eleven
Hell seemed to be an interesting place. Adam Ludsgarden was on his computer, the door was closed to his room locked. He was gathering all the information he could. He already knew the Ten Commandments – probably watched the movie – by heart, and read the Bible in not only English but Spanish too. Although he didn’t memorize everything, Adam had studied the key points: The Sins.
Adam had peeked out his door and down the hall, making sure no one was in sight. He didn’t want to stumble into his uncle or Jaysen even for a gentle greeting. Adam thought a simple “hello” would be a nuisance. He didn’t see anyone and noticed everyone’s door closed. He was even thankful that evil woman, Dawn Turlo wasn’t here. Adam still considered her unmarried to his uncle, even though it was true.
It had been a while since the New Year kicked in, and things were moving rather fast, too fast for Adam’s sake. There had been too much of Dawn going around in the house for him to handle. Not that he really cared.
He slipped out of his room, tip-toed down the hall, descended the stairs to the kitchen and halted at the island taking a final look around making sure no one was in sight. In his depression over the loss of his best friend, Curtis Brown, Adam slipped out a cutting knife. Guiltily, he made his way back upstairs and to his room, but Jaysen was in the hall, just exiting his room and closing the door. Adam halted so quickly, he had to balance himself on the balls of his feet, quickly hiding the knife behind his back.
“Hey, Kiddo,” Jaysen greeted him. “Do you want any lunch?”
Adam shook his head. He was desperate to return to his room. He was on the brink of breaking a sweat, hiding the knife.
“What’s the matter?” Jaysen seemed to be probing.
“Nothing,” Adam replied, barely a whisper.
“Okay, but you can talk to me if anything is wrong.”
Would he just shut up, Adam thought, as Jaysen started walking toward him. He thought Jaysen would see the knife. It was big enough. But as Jaysen past on Adam’s left side, he quickly moved the weapon in time.
Jaysen did not see it.
Adam had successfully walked to his room with the knife and closed his bedroom door behind him, locking himself out to the rest of the people he lived with; Jaysen, Uncle Sebastian and that bitch of a wife, Dawn.
Adam had sat on the edge of his bed staring at his left wrist – the knife resting on it. He suddenly slit his left wrist, deep enough to leave a channel of trickling of blood pouring like a river. Adam’s own warm blood dripped down to the carpet. He was crying, but he didn’t feel any pain.
“So this is what it’s like?” Adam asked himself sobbing having just enough strength to switch hands. With all the strength he could muster, Adam slit his right wrist. He began to lose consciousness from the blood pooling around him. Adam fainted, falling backward on his bed, dropping the blade to the red-soaked carpet.
“Adam?” Sebastian knocked on the door. “I have a surprise for you!”
There was no answer.
Sebastian knocked a second time, but it seemed that his calls were neglected.
“Adam!” Sebastian’s voice was more intense but not to the point of anger. He was concerned. “Can I come in?” He had his hand on the door, yet there was still no reply.
Sebastian started turning the knob. When he opened the door, he was shocked to find his nephew, Adam, lying flat on his bed, his wrists bleeding. Sebastian rushed to his nephew, yelling his name. Once he rounded the bed, he saw the soaked carpet. He had not seen so much blood since he was in the operating room.
“Jaysen,” Sebastian yelled, fright was in his voice. He was hoping his roommate was not writing his novel. If Jaysen was, Sebastian knew the muse would be loud in the headset.
“Jaysen,” Sebastian picked up his limp nephew and held him in his arms. For everything he had been through with Jaysen, Sebastian was never so afraid. He screamed out for Jaysen a third time.
Jaysen came charging down the hall. He had to hook one hand on the door frame because he was running so fast. Breathing as if he were out of shape, he asked, “What’s wrong?”
It took a moment to register, but Jaysen noticed the blood first; then Sebastian’s face, the look of horror had never been so real.
“Jesus,” Jaysen finally found his voice. He shot out of the room to the nearest telephone and pressed 9-9-9.
He told the operator what the emergency was upon request followed by the address.
“All right, sir,” the operator said calmly. “The ambulance will be there in seven minutes,” reassurance was in the person’s voice.
Jaysen didn’t care if the operator was a female or a male. He wasn’t paying attention to the voice. But he didn’t feel comforted. His heart was beating a mile a minute. His palms were getting sweaty from panic. Jaysen started shaking. “Please hurry,” his voice quavering.
“Just stay calm, sir,” the operator’s voice sounded as if it came through a walkie-talkie, cracked with static.
In Adam’s room, Sebastian checked his nephew’s vitals, trying to find a pulse – anything at all. He didn’t find any. Either it was too faint, or Adam was dead. Sebastian was frantic, feeling different spots on Adam’s neck.
He could have been doing more damage than good!
Outside, sirens could be heard in the distance.
Thank God, Sebastian thought. Jaysen called the ambulance. But Sebastian also thought they might be too late. He held Adam’s body close to his, hoping against hope that his nephew would be saved in time.
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