Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dawn wanted love, but she also wanted to ruin Sebastian

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It was all over the news. The supermarket tabloids didn’t hesitate to print one word. The best doctor in Kent, England had been fired for insubordination. Although the article had embellished the story, it was true. Mrs. Stevenson, the big boss at Eastbridge Hospital, was kind enough to keep in off the television radar. It wouldn’t be good news or karma for the hospital’s reputation to be slandered over open airwaves. However, Maxine Stevenson couldn’t keep it off the radio. Whoever read the newspapers, eventually caught wind of what happened, and it was bound to be spread like wildfire. Even she heard it on her radio at home; yet Mrs. Stevenson called herself lucky, but how many people read the daily newspaper? How many people had it delivered to their homes?
Dawn Turlo was sitting at the kitchen table, reading the same headline news in the paper. She worked as a bartender, but her shift didn’t start until five that evening. She always felt that her shifts were shit. But as she read the article about the most fabulous doctor in Kent, England, she was also fascinated by the doctor himself! Although his photograph was presented in a grainy black and white, the doctor’s features stood out: Masculine, young, which no doubt made him have no graying hair. But that wasn’t all Dawn Turlo was doing. She had taken snap-shots of him without him knowing. She knew he had dirty-blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and stood at least six feet tall.
As Dawn traced the outline of the doctor’s face printed on the newspaper, she said, “I’m going to have to meet you.” But she also knew that wasn’t possible. She was a bartender, and she knew that the former doctor didn’t drink – or at least not yet.
It was obvious Dawn Turlo had done her homework. Everything and anything could be found on the Internet these days. Not only did she find out Dr. Sebastian Masters didn’t drink, she found out he had a nephew living under the same roof and a roommate who’s an author. The nephew – Adam Ludsgarden – was loaded with money from his father’s business and childcare from foster parents. Even though the kid had nearly one million in pounds to his name, it was Sebastian who caught her attention most.
Dawn had red hair that flowed down to her shoulders, piercing green eyes – which could deceive any man – and skin as smooth as silk. But the reason she wanted Sebastian Masters was his heart. She wanted his love. She wanted to ruin him even more. The intentions which poured through her veins were cruel.
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