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The rough surface of his tongue creates a million sensations throughout my body.

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“Kiss me, Sergeant Powell.” I use my legs to try to pull him toward me, but he resists. I’m no match for his strength.
“Sergeant Powell now, is it?” Leaning forward, his teeth graze my nipple through my bra, nearly making me bolt up off the table. A cry of pleasure escapes my mouth, then his fingers pull the fabric down to expose the pink nub. He pauses, and I feel it peak, standing at attention under his perusal.
“Beautiful,” he murmurs, just before his mouth devours my nipple. Yes! An extremely hot zone. The rough surface of his tongue creates a million sensations throughout my body. It’s almost too much. Then, switching to the other side, he pulls down the cups of my bra to just below my large breasts and finally, he tastes my other nipple. His hands cup my breasts, squeezing them together.
“Please, Sergeant! Please…”
“Patience, my sweet little Airman.”
He reaches back and grabs my legs, just below the knees, and gently removes them from his waist, letting them dangle at the edge of the table. Standing between my legs, he runs his hands down my thighs as he moves back slightly, then slides his hands to my knees and pushes my thighs further apart.
“You’re fucking perfect!” he growls.
Because he’s so tall, when he drops to his knees, his mouth is aligned with my entrance. His fingers continue to caress my inner thighs as he slips my legs over his shoulders, just before he presses his mouth to my underwear, causing me to buck my hips up off the table. His hands grip the outer edges of my hips, holding me in place.
“Easy, babe.” His breath is hot against me.
“Please, Wyatt. Please, just do it,” I beg in a breathless whisper.
“Hmm, so now it’s Wyatt?”
He moves his right palm over my pubic bone and lightly circles his thumb over the swollen bundle of nerves through the fabric. His hand is so large, the rest of his fingers splay across my lower abdomen. He’s teasing me, and it’s not enough. I need more. I reach down and pull the delicate lace to the side, nearly ripping it in my haste.
Chuckling, he grips my wrist, moving my hand out of the way, dropping the wedge of material back into place.
“Oh, no you don’t. You’re not ready for that yet, Airman.”
Releasing my wrist, he presses featherlight kisses down the length of my entrance, nearly sending me over the edge.
“Yes, I am, sir. I’m more than ready.”
I reach for his hair, but he pauses and pulls away, allowing my thighs to slip off his shoulders, leaving me bereft. Noooo, I think, but he moves both hands to the garter on my left leg, igniting my sensitive skin. Looping a finger into the elastic material, he carefully slides it down my leg to my ankle and over my shoe, dropping it to the floor. He does the same with the other one. I prop myself up on my elbows and watch him. He’s going to take his sweet time, I see that now—slow and tortuous, so I may as well enjoy the show. Still down on his knees between my thighs, he slips off my shoes, giving each foot a light massage. It feels heavenly after wearing the four-inch heels.
He slides his hands over my silk stockings, and I know my temperature is rising. My skin is flushed pink. His fingers move up to where the stockings connect to the garter belt and unhook each belt carefully, teasing my flesh with light caresses. My whole body trembles now, and my teeth have begun to chatter. He slowly rolls my stockings down one leg, then the other, making my pussy tighten. His eyes zeroed in on the spot between my thighs. He reaches out to cup my mound, covered with black lace. His thumb pointing downward, he pushes through the fabric and into my opening as far as he can go. The lace creates delicious friction, causing me to whimper. He slides his hand away to my thigh, taking away my pleasure. I slam my fist on the table in frustration, but he only laughs.
Finally, I see his tattoo as he comes back up to stand before me. It covers his entire right side, starting from his bottom rib to just above the waistline of his pants. It looks like a colorful koi fish, or two koi fish in a circular shape as if one is chasing the other’s tail to form the yin and yang symbol. It’s beautiful. I reach my leg up, brushing his tattoo with my inner calf.
He reaches for the thin straps at my hips and pulls the thong down. I lift my bottom so he can slide it down my thighs and over my legs to the floor. He’s looking at me like I’m his favorite meal, licking his lips as he grabs my legs below the knee, bending until my feet come to rest at the edge of the table to expose me completely. Feeling totally self-conscious, I thank the heavens I shaved this morning. I like to keep it high and tight. My body tenses under his gaze. He’s looking at my most private place like I’m the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.
“Jesus, you’re incredible, babe.” His breath is ragged. I can see his pulse thumping in his thick corded neck.
“Wyatt, please. You’re driving me crazy…ah, oh my God!” My head drops back, and I bite my lower lip between my teeth.
His tongue slipped inside me without warning. “Mmm…you taste so good, so damn good.” He’s moved back to his knees, head buried between my thighs. His hair is cut high and tight—short on the sides, and a little bit longer on top. I love how it feels brushing against my skin. His tongue feels so good as he tastes me deeply, exploring my depths.
My elbows slip out, no longer able to support my weight as I float into a state of euphoria. Sensation swamps my body, radiating outward from my center, taking me to another world. His chin presses into me as he works my clit with his thumb and index finger. His tongue thrusts in and out, over and over, then glides over my clit at the same time he uses his other hand to slide a long, thick finger inside of me. I’m soaked, helping to ease his way in.
“Jesus, you’re so wet and tight.” His gravelly voice and hot breath ramp up my desire.
He’s sliding his finger in and out in a perfect, slow rhythm until he pushes in all the way. The middle finger of his top hand slips down and into me. Curling it upward, he rubs the spot inside behind my clit, finding my G-spot. He flutters the spot with quick, delicious movements. His hot tongue presses against my clit as his thumb pulls the flesh back gently, giving him more access. At the same time, his finger glides in and out of my wetness. I feel the clenching deep in my belly as I move closer to my release. I try to hold back, but I’m losing control so fast, I don’t think I can hold back another second. I’ve never been so aroused. To be honest, I’ve been in a constant state of arousal since I met him, and he’s an extremely talented lover.
“Don’t come yet, Kat. Not yet, baby.” He slows down, sliding his fingers out of me as his mouth moves to my inner thigh. I nearly cry out in frustration. I was so close! But then, I watch him slip his wet fingers into his mouth, tasting me, as his other hand reaches down to adjust his erection, bulging in his pants. That is so fucking hot. He moves his hand to my lower belly. I’m breathing hard and I’m done begging. I grab his wrist and force his hand back down toward my clit.
“Tell me what you want, Kat. Do you want my tongue or my thumb?”
“Both! And your fingers. Do it now.” My voice is forceful. I’ve reverted to squad leader mode.
“There’s my girl.” He chuckles. “That’s what I’ve been waiting for.” Before I can reply, he’s back to working my clit with his tongue.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I’m chanting now as my hips gyrate against his mouth as he slips two long fingers inside. It’s a snug fit, stretching and filling me. He slides in a third, and it’s almost unbearable. He’s working me so hard.
My release hits me full force in a tidal wave of ecstasy, but he doesn’t stop. I grab his head with both hands and pull him to where I need him…
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