Thursday, August 3, 2017

Griffin proclaims his love for Tassta – “Blood Phase” by Kirsten Campbell

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The G.O.D. series must be read in order


“Are you cold?” Griffin asked.
“Just a little.”
“It gets really cold down here. It’s no place for a lady.”
“Well, that’s just too bad because I go where my man goes.” Tassta crossed her arms over her chest and put on a serious face. “It is kind of cold though,” she said with a giggled. She hugged herself but remained vigilant, stuck to her opinion defiantly.
Griffin got in closer and nuzzled her smooth, brown cheek softly with his nose. “Yum…” He smiled slightly as Tassta’s fragrant smell accosted him; the scent had somehow mixed with his own, creating a unique smell that was so enticing he couldn’t think of anything but her. He closed his eyes and almost swooned. “Damn, you smell SO good…” The words were released with a growl, and his eyes opened, and he inched in as close as he could to Tassta. He grabbed her hand, kissed her knuckles and held her hand to his mouth while staring into her soft, hazel eyes. I love you so much. I’m so glad you’re here. I was feeling a little down, but now. I feel better. Lots better.
Hey, I have something for you. Griffin unbuttoned a few buttons on his chest flap and reached in, pulled out a small white piece of paper. A smile grew on his softly glowing face, and then he blushed as his hair ignited, moved about softly as if unseen winds were blowing through thick swatches. He handed Tassta the paper and watched her for a reaction.
“What is this?”
“A poem that I wrote a while ago. Please read it.”
Tassta opened the paper and began to read to herself.
“No. Read it out loud. I want to see your face when you read the words. It’s what I truly feel, Tassta.”
“Okay…” Tassta batted her beautiful, thick dark lashes and pursed her lips and then she began.
“My Love…
By Griffin Storm
You are my sun and moon,
the stars in heaven worship at your feet, as I do.
My every thought is of you, my dearest, sweetest love,
my precious Tassta.
I am a slave to your love.
Your soft kisses are ever-soft and sweet as morning dew.
They awaken a love so crucial to my life.
I have no idea how I ever existed
without them, without you…
I was never aware of true love,
or ever thought it existed, until you.
I never thought I would be blessed,
Never considered I would have someone
like you in my life, Tassta.
I wish to be near you every minute,
every hour, every second
of the day and night.
I dream, and you are ever present
in my soul. Your voice is heavenly
music to my ears and your effervescent presence
is essential to every part of my life.
You are truly the love of my life,
and hopefully, you feel the same,
so we can live together
in blissful happiness
forever and ever.
With every breath I say,
I love you, Tassta Vinetti,
I love you. I love you.
I love you…

Tassta giggled as Griffin kissed her knuckles again. “I love you, too.”
“Well, what do you think of my poem?”
“It’s SO beautiful. I can’t… I don’t even know what to say! I can’t believe you wrote this for ME!” Tassta’s eyes watered, and she smiled sweetly. “No one has ever written me a poem.”
Griffin shrugged. “I wrote it a month after I met you. I told you, it was love at first sight.”
“For me too…”
“Prove it,” Griffin said and released Tassta’s hand. He stared at her gorgeous red lips and hoped like hell that she was reading his mind. Kiss me, Tassta. Kiss me like your life depends on it.

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