Tuesday, August 1, 2017

“This book is 10 stars out of 5! A must read! Amazing work!” A 5-Star Review for “His Soul to Hold” (The Dark Knights of Heaven Book 2) by TW Knight



OMG! T.W. Knight did it again! I thought His Soul To Keep was good and left me hanging? Hell no! My feet are dangling off a cliff at the highest peak on the knight’s island. This amazingly talented author has captured me right from the beginning, on page one. No making it through the first chapter to figure out where I left off from the other book and the long wait for this one. When I saw Kaz, my heart jumped, and all the knights came flooding to me, and they were just as glad to see me as I was them. Amazing!!!
This time Bass finds his Soul Keeper, but he has never loved before and tries to bush her away. Bree is the twin of Sam. They have been on their own for 10 years after they watched their parents killed by monsters. But there was someone there that night that they didn’t know and he killed the monsters and protected them. This person stalked them afterward. Some time in the story, they find out who he is, and everybody is shocked.
A few of the knights save Bree and Sam in the way out woods in Alaska, knowing that one of them is a Soul Keeper. As they find them, they are attacked and fight off new monsters. Bass is killed, and Bree is beside herself. You see before all this happened, Bree was talking with Bass, and they became friends.
The twins were taken back to the island, and the trouble followed them there. Things happened that they didn’t understand. Each twin faced a new part of themselves that they didn’t know existed. How they handled this, was how their life was going to go.
Most of this story is finding out how and why their barrier was breached a few times. Also, they found out that there is something going on in heaven that has affected all of them. Lucifer, as usual, is underground tapping into one of them and making their head worse then it already is. Michael the Archangel visited the island and summoned one of them back to Heaven. Why??? To have them finish the job they started out to do millions of years ago, but he refused and got the shit beat out of him.
As the group starts to come up with theories on what is happening and why, and you think you are starting to figure it out too, the author pushes you off the cliff, and you grab a rock and are left there to hang! For how long? Only the author knows. I need the next book!!!!
Good, amazing, wonderful, fantastic, exciting, hot sex, suspense, mystery, action, romance, twists, and turns are just a few words to describe this book. If you liked His Soul to Keep, then you will love this one! If I could give this book 10 stars, I would!


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